At least among life that currently exists, DNA replication is vastly more accurate than that of RNA, so this premise is slightly flawed (see: RNA viruses) » 10/26/11 10:57am 10/26/11 10:57am

You've obviously never dropped a cat. Simply dropping a cat from, say, five feet will annoy said cat at worst. They can right themselves in a fall of less than a yard, too. » 10/19/11 9:58am 10/19/11 9:58am

These are intelligent, relatively long-lived animals. At the very least, I don't think it would be crazy to speculate that this one arranged bones in patterns it just liked. The pattern of suckers on it's arms is just an obvious one to emulate, really. » 10/10/11 10:59am 10/10/11 10:59am

FWIW, the saggy rear windows actually seem to help make the blind spots smaller - my girlfriend's looking to replace her Altima coupe (a sad, sad car) with a Genesis, and removing fear from freeway lane changes is a big plus. » 9/16/11 5:00pm 9/16/11 5:00pm

I love 'Shadow out of Time'. As was his way, Lovecraft did a good job with how horribly insane time travel sounds to people who haven't done it. » 9/15/11 11:49pm 9/15/11 11:49pm

Why do people keep saying/writing "Smart car?" It's called the smart fortwo. » 9/14/11 1:56pm 9/14/11 1:56pm

The Moller is definitely the worst. This lunatic (who apparently lives in Davis, CA- I should go picket his house on principle) has been pushing some variant of this since the 80s. » 9/14/11 1:03pm 9/14/11 1:03pm

@RalphieDC: beginning in the 90s, VAG aggressively consolidating platforms, so I don't think you're far off. The Veyron might be the only thing that is remotely unique. » 9/13/11 3:00pm 9/13/11 3:00pm

I think the worst thing is that brand names, no matter what your native language is, are the easiest words to spell check. » 9/08/11 6:59pm 9/08/11 6:59pm

Came for the ICP meme, left satisfied with the bonus Ancient Astronauts guy. » 9/08/11 10:25am 9/08/11 10:25am

Pipe just for all of the red flags (just finished, but for sale already, leaks, etc). If I had to have a swapped 914, I'd prefer something Subaru poweered, just for the packaging and weight considerations (not to mention that a bit less stress on the gearbox would be a plus). » 9/08/11 1:10pm 9/08/11 1:10pm